Zoom In On Windows 8 Desktop With Magnifier

If you have problems seeing things on your screen or you simply need a close-up, you can zoom in on your Windows 8 desktop using the built-in Magnifier.

How to Zoom In on Desktop in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 also has a built-in Magnifier program that can be used by the people who are not good with their eye-sights. With the help of this feature users can zoom in and/or zoom out their desktop screens as per their convenience.

In order to initiate Magnifier in Windows 8 you, although, need to go through several mouse clicks however with the help of few shortcut keys you can initiate the program almost instantaneously.

Since initialization of Magnifier does not require any elevated privileges, it can be considered as a user specific program that can be used by any standard user account or administrator that logs on to the Windows.
As a Windows 8 user or administrator if you want to initiate Magnifier with the help of shortcut keys you are required to follow the steps given below:

1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer on which you want to initiate Magnifier.

2 From the available options on the screen click on Desktop.
Click on Desktop Icon

3 On the desktop screen open any application that you want to zoom in and once opened press Windows and Plus (+) keys together to zoom in.
Press Windows and Plus (+) Keys Simultaneously

4 In order to zoom out you are required to press Windows and Minus (-) keys simultaneously.

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