ZDNet: Windows Phone 8 Hits RTM – The Rumors

According to new information, Microsoft engineers have completed and shipped the Windows Phone 8 OS to manufacturers.

Windows Phone 8 released to manufacturing, says rumors

Windows Phone 8 OS Rumored To Have Achieved RTM Stage

According to a post on popular tech news source ZDNet, Microsoft engineers have finished and shipped the Windows Phone 8 OS to manufacturers. Known as Release To Manufacturing or RTM, these stage signals the end of development for a piece of software but it is only released to manufacturers so that they can get their devices ready before the General Availability or GA. However, for software like the Windows Phone 8 OS, there’s no GA because it is only accessible by itself to device manufacturers. The consumer in general will be experiencing it through a device that uses the OS.

The RTM build of Windows Phone 8 is said to “Apollo”, as rumored way back last year. And back in July this year, we had already heard that Windows Phone 8 would reach RTM in September. Windows Phone news source WPCentral has published a similar report that cites their own sources. And in the meantime, WMpoweruser (a Windows Mobile/Phone focus site) has posted some photos via LiveSino.net that shows what appears to be the Microsoft Windows Phone team signing an RTM wall.

When the spokesperson for Microsoft was reached for comment, the only reply was the company “had nothing to share at this time.”

The timing of such an RTM would make sense right now, with the general Windows 8 launch right around the corner. Even though it has not been officially announced as also the date that will see the launch of Windows Phone 8 but it is expected to launch the entire platform on the same. Since it is an united platform, it makes sense to do so for the company. Once it has reached manufacturers, it is up to them to run tests on their own hardware and tweak it to make the final product before the launch hits.

Last time we saw Windows Phone 8 devices, none of the devices were up for hands on testing and it was probably because the OS simply wasn’t ready for it. So now it looks like we can look forward to some hands on pictures leaking on to the net right before everything goes live and official on the 26th next month.

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