You Get Windows 8 Media Center For Free If You Upgrade

Looks like the whole paying separately for Windows Media Center is going to be bypassed for a bundled deal from Microsoft.

Windows 8 Pro upgrades to receive Windows Media Center For free

Windows Media Center To Come Free With Windows 8 Upgrades

About two and half months back there was a lot of debate over the fact that Microsoft was not bundling Windows Media Center as part of the normal Windows package. Instead, users would have to pay extra to get that feature. At the time it was put down to Microsoft’s efforts to cut down the final price of Windows and let those who want to pay for the related licensing fees for Windows Media Center pay for it separately. A lot of people were quite upset over this fact and many critics condemned Microsoft for being too greedy.

Now there’s some good news for those who are planning to get Media Center with Windows 8. As per a reliable Windows Blogger called Brandon LeBlanc, the $40 Windows8 Upgrade that was recently announced will also include Media Center as part of the upgrade. This offer is available to anyone running a valid copy of XP and above. So that covers almost the entire PC user base minus the outliers who are still using pre-XP OS.

According to LeBlanc, once you have made the $39.99 upgrade to Windows 8, you can easily add Windows Media Center from within Windows 8 Pro. All you have to do is to go the add features area and choose Windows Media Center.

The decisions to offer the low upgrade price to more users by including XP and Vista in to deal and then also allowing the addition of Windows Media Center, have been applauded with equal enthusiasm by both critics and users. And this upgrade offer seems to be valid on whatever version of Windows XP, Vista or 7 you might be running. Everyone will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Put together, it looks Microsoft has just won itself a large number of upgrades once Windows 8 is released. This upgrade offer is apparently a promotion that will last till January 2013.

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