XBOX 720 With Tight Windows 8 Integration

Windows expert Paul Thurrot of the Windows Weekly show on the TWiT TV network talked about the next Xbox and its integration into Windows 8.

Windows 8 XBOX 720

Rumors Suggest Next Xbox To Be Well Integrated Into Windows 8

Microsoft’s aim with the Xbox line is to make it the entertainment hub of the house. However, it has so far lacked a proper integration into Windows. This is something that Microsoft is apparently looking to correct with the next Xbox. Known as the 720; Loop; Next and also Project Ten — rumors about the next generation of Microsoft’s popular gaming console are a widespread in the industry right now.

Paul Thurrot of Windows Weekly said that he has heard about a 2012 Holiday season launch for the console. This makes sense and has lot of precedent to go with it. This also means that the logical announcement time frame for Microsoft would be the E3 gaming convention, which again falls in line with previous rumors about the platform.

Details Of The Next Xbox And Its Integration With Windows 8

Thurrot also added that the next Xbox will have embedded Microsoft Silverlight to run the new Xbox Live TV platform. Integration with Windows 8 has already started with Microsoft announcing a development kit for Kinect for Windows 8. This will generate new and interesting Windows 8 apps that utilize Kinect’s abilities to allow users to provide input with gesture and voice.

A further integration could see the Xbox Live TV platform connecting to Windows 8 and being controlled from the PC. It makes perfect sense to give Windows 8 users a way to control their Xbox entertainment options from their PC or laptop. Further more, browsing through catalogues is easier on computers than on game consoles — which is yet another use case scenario for the next Xbox to connect with Windows 8. The bottom line here seems to be a 360-degree approach to dominate the PC, Gaming, Mobile and Entertainment markets by connecting the future Xbox and Windows 8 platforms with each other.

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