Wow, Windows 8 Final RTM Build Ships To Manufacturers, Gets Leaked Almost Instantly

Windows 8 has been finalized and shipped to manufacturers and also leaked online on torrent sites.

Windows 8 Finalized, Shipped Out To Manufacturers and Leaked Online

Windows 8 RTM Achieved And Immediately Leaked Online

It happened almost like clockwork. Windows 8 was released to manufacturers one day and the very next day it was leaked online. This version of Windows is only supposed to be available to manufacturers and Windows partners but then that has never really stopped pirates from putting a copy of it up on file sharing networks.

We of course do not condone such acts. Microsoft has been going out of its way recently to make sure that the era of Windows XP ends swiftly. The $40 upgrade is the cheapest OS so far from the company and the OS itself looks really interesting. And there’s also a lot of fake images and torrents online that claim to be Windows 8 but really are either password protected to make your go to some shady website or just plain malware. And of course, these copies have absolutely to guarantee or certification from Microsoft, so you are completely on your own if something happens to your data and hardware.

Microsoft has no comments on the situation and there’s really nothing new to talk about piracy. It is one of the most anticipated OS release in the history of Microsoft, so the general level of curiosity to see what’s going on is quite high.

For those of you who can’t wait to try out the OS, there’s still the Release Preview up for grabs. The final version will be available to the general public on October 26th. That’s also the same time when these manufacturers will be releasing their brand new Windows 8 products. Microsoft will also be pushing out their new Windows 8 accessories and their Surface tablet (Intel version). So you have a lot to look forward to.

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