I started the site back in October 2008, shortly after launching the site

Obviously both sites do not only cover Windows themes, but also PC tweaks, news and guides for Windows will follow the footsteps of those sites:

Windows 8 News /></p>
<p>I’ve had some great success with the site and received a lot of user feedback from people all over the world.It’s funny when you get visitors from some parts of the world you have never even heard of. The global village makes it all possible. There would be no global village without Microsoft. Well, there might be, but who knows that for sure? Just imagine what would have happeneded if Bill Gates did not start Microsoft. Would Tim Berners Lee still come up with an idea to make sharing things for scientists easier? Would that system become as successful as the Internet that we know today? I have no clue. Anyway, my point is that a lot of great things have been made possible thanks to Microsoft. Windows 8 won’t be an exception.<br />
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Windows 8 will be more beautiful, more secure and a lot faster than Windows 7. I believe Microsoft did learn a lot from Windows 7 and Vista. Especially their marketing strategies are a lot better by now and they realize how much impact small things can have on success and failure.

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