Windows Test Technologies will be remodeled!

WTT (Windows Test Technologies) are an internal program that is being used to automate setup and testing. It is used for all internal Windows test. It is the so called test automation framework that isng used by all work groups at Microsoft.

Experience in WTT is a highly sought-after skill. If you are working in the IT field, you should consider learning a bit more about this for your next job application.

“The WTT team is looking to make significant changes to it’s infrastructure for Windows 8. We want to address all the major problems our customers have faced over the last few years by developing a truly scalable and reliable testing infrastructure. This is a huge opportunity to drastically revamp WTT over the coming 18 months,” the Redmond company revealed in a resource published in October 2007″

Although they say that they will complete the work after 18 months, in April 2010, that doesn’t mean we will get our hands on any Windows 8 builds then. I am positive that we will get some real Windows 8 screenshots until then.

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