Windows Store Won’t Have Those 99 Cents Apps

The apps in the Windows Store on Windows 8 will have a minimum price tag of $1.49, as we found out from a recent announcement made by Microsoft regarding the store’s pricing policies.

Windows Store Minimum App price Fixed at $0.99

Windows Store To Have A Maximum Price Cap Of $999

Looks like no one will be spending more than a $999 on the Windows Store once it is fully launched on the October 26. Microsoft has recently given out details of the Windows Store that puts the maximum price at just a dollar shy of one thousand and the minimum as $1.49 instead of the $0.99 that the App Store and Google Play stores have. The higher price is in tandem with most of the higher priced apps in the Apple App Store though.

Some developers might not like the extra 50 cents that buyers will have to pay to buy in to the Windows Store but it is ultimately Microsoft’s decision and it may make for a better pay off for developers. A 50 cent difference should not mean that much to a buyer even if they are buying multiple apps. But when it is scaled to the figures that are seen in stores like this, they should translate in to some good money for both developers and Microsoft.

Of course, if the users in question are the likes of those who download hundreds of such low cost apps, it might add up to a significant amount. But it will still be at $50 of difference if they buy 100 apps. So ultimately developers should not really worry about it.

Windows Store users on the Preview builds of Windows 8 currently have a free to use access to all apps on the store. This will be changing next month when Windows 8 goes to the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) stage. This is when developers living in any of the supported countries with a valid company account will be able to start offering paid and trial apps. Users can buy apps without worrying about upgrade headaches because the apps will be available to their accounts and won’t be tied to the machine that they are using at the moment.

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