Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaks Online, Reveals Some New Features

The Windows Phone 8 SDK has been leaked online and we are seeing some rather interesting new features on the platform that were not talked about earlier.

Windows Phone 8 SDK revealed

Windows Phone 8 SDK Leak Reveals New Features

Microsoft had already talked a great deal about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform and yet the newly leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK reveals quite a few new and interesting features to us.

The leaked SDK can only be installed on a 64bit Windows 8 machine and that too on real hardware. No emulators will do. This is because it comes with its own hypervisor virtualization system to emulate Windows Phone 8 devices for the developers who would be using this SDK to build applications for the platform.

Amongst the things were already know about the platform is that the Kernel has been changed from the aging CE kernel to the same kernel that is being used in the desktop version of Windows 8. It will have Bitlocker and device encryption along with Exchange ActiveSync solutions for the enterprise. It has IE10 just like the desktop and the same kind of Skype and generic VoIP infrastructure as the desktop version.

One interesting thing about the SDK is that it does not allow old Silverlight applications to be ported to Windows 8 via HTML5 or JavaScript. The SDK has no support for JavaScript. You can still create Silverlight applications but only for Windows Phone 7.1, which is rather strange for an SDK meant for Windows 8.

More investigation found that the Music/Video and Xbox hubs were being integrated more closely and the new Xbox Music and SmartGlass features were being added in to the fray. One interesting feature in Maps will allow users to find nearby hotspots. And finally, WP8 will allow interested apps to talk and share files with each other through Bluetooth and within the phone itself. This seems to work the same way as the Contracts feature in Windows 8.

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