Windows Phone 8 Devices Already Under Trial On Verizon And T-Mobile?

Now here’s something that is more than just a rumor — speed test reports from US wireless Carriers T-Mobile and Verizon show evidence of Windows Phone 8 devices being tested on their networks.
Verizon and T-Mobile Speed Report show Windows Phone 8 devices

Windows Phone 8 Devices Found On Speed Test Reports

Here’s the greatest confirmation anyone has provided so far about the existence of Windows 8 Phone devices on any US wireless carrier. Devices running Windows Phone OS 8.0 have been spotted on speed test reports from both Verizon and T-Mobile, confirming two things — the phones are up and running with the future OS and they are definitely coming to the two carriers mentioned here.

The names that show up on the speed test result also show that the phones will be coming with IEMobile 10 and there are two devices identified from the series — Nokia Fluid and Qualcomm Fluid. Whilst it is obvious that Nokia is going to be amongst the first to push out next generation Windows Phone devices, the second one is likely to be an HTC or Samsung device. Both of those companies are known for making phones based on Qualcomm devices.

If the respective companies have already begun testing, it is proof that they are in late stages of development and phones should be able to go out for real world testing soon enough. Which means who should be seeing “spotted in the wild” rumors with blurry shots of phones soon enough. Samsung has been quite vocal about making a Windows Phone device with the next generation software that will beat everything else on the market. So there’s also the possibility of that Qualcomm Fluid device ending up being a new Galaxy from Samsung.

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft expecting Windows 8 to launch around October and industry experts and watchers both agree on this. There’s expectation of Microsoft launching the entire Windows 8 Platform altogether, including Windows Phone 8 and Window on ARM or Windows RT, as it is officially known.

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