Windows Azure – A Cloud Computing OS

Here we go again, another OS has been revealed by Microsoft: Windows Azure (no it’s not april fools day, this is really the 5th Windows Operating system that is currently in development).

After reading this you no longer want any news about Windows 8, but Windows Azure, Singularity and Barrelfish.

Windows Azure is a Cloud Computing OS that could not only be a break-through for webhosts. Cloud computing is getting more and more important. Twitter, Amazon, Youtube and all other major internet sites rely heavily on cloud computing. Can you even imagine how much traffic Twitter is receiving, or Google? Tremendous amounts of traffic. A cloud basically allows applications to scale depending on the current traffic demand. All the traffic is offloaded to multple PC’s in the cloud. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a real operating system that is optimized for cloud computing – until now.

Windows Azure might be the foundation for new online applications that are more resource-hungry than a simple microblogging system like Twitter. Experts state that in 20 years cloud computers will replace desktop PC’s, so this might be even be the foundation for a whole new generation of “consumer PC’s”.

You can even try Windows Azure for free (for developers only obviously). This preview of Windows Azure might give you an idea of the next generation cloud computing.

To download Windows Azure, simply go to the official Azure Website over at

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