Windows 8 Will Synchronize User Settings via Cloud

User account settings synchronization Oi! Windows 8 will be able to synchronize your personal account settings via the cloud. Let’s check out what exactly Windows 8 will synchronize.

The following user settings will be synchronized, but you can of course specify what settings should be synchronized.

Personalization (Desktop background image, glass color)
Accessibility (Ease of access control panel, magnifier, on screen keyboard, narrator, and speech recognition settings)
Language Settings (Language profile, text prediction preferences, and IME dicitionary)
Application Settings (Application settings and search history)
Windows Settings (Taskbar, Explorer, search , and mouse settings)
Credentials (Wireless network profiles and saved website credentials)

Windows 8 User Settings Synchronization

So, if you want to connect to the internet via your WiFi home network and don’t want to add the network profiles to all your other PC’s and mobile devices you can simply install Windows 8 on all of them and it will then synchronize the settings and keep them synchronized. Considering that we might need more than 1 copy of Windows 8 in the future, I hope that Microsoft will have a special offer for that.

It will also be interesting to see if we can then install programs on multiple computers without the hassle of a complete reinstall. If Windows 8 will synchronize the application settings for us, it could mean that Windows 8 will be a lot more portable even without making use of portable Windows 8 workspaces.

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