Windows 8 Was My Idea: Share Your Ideas!

We have a new forum where you can share your ideas for Windows 8. Head over to our forums now to share your ideas: Windows 8 Forums. Below you will find some general ideas and thought.

While it feels like Windows 7 may have only just been released, it will not be long before Windows releases Windows 8. Currently, a lot of people are speculating about various ideas that they would like to see in the new operating system. In this guide, we will look at a few ideas that could find their way into the new system.


Easier Apple Sync

Windows 8 and Apple

One of the problems with Windows 7, (and all previous Windows OS) is that the operating system does not ‘sync up’ well with almost every Apple product. While everybody understands that these two are the main rivals, it would be nice to see some corporation on windows 8 that allows all the apple products and your windows OS to be more compatible.

Easier Link Up To the Latest Internet Explorer

Many of us know that there have been various problems between IE8 and Windows 7. These compatibility problems have led to unexpected IE restarts or shutdowns. Plenty of people who were more than happy with Internet explorer have changed to Chrome or Firefox because of these problems. Therefore, it would be great if this problem could be eradicated from the new windows OS.

Start-Up Speed

Plenty of us are never happy with the speed that our computers power up, and until the day it is instant we not will be happy with the results. However, if there are improvements from windows 7, then this will be appreciated by the masses. This improvement would be beneficial because windows seven operating systems with lots of necessary start-up programs can take around 3-5 minutes until the system are fully operational.

As you can see from the above, there are a few ideas which I am sure a lot of people would like to see on Windows 8, but only time will tell if any of these ideas make the final cut.

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