Windows 8 Upgrade To Come At $40 For All — XP, Vista or 7

The Windows 8 upgrade is now going to be $40 universally (almost) because that price now applies to users upgrading from XP, Vista and 7.

Windows 8 $40 upgrade now for users of XP and above

$40 Windows 8 Now Upgrade Covers Upgrades From XP, Vista And 7

Good news for users of Windows everywhere. Microsoft has finally decided to offer a the low, low upgrade price of $40 to users upgrading from XP, Vista and also Windows 7. That would cover almost everybody currently using windows except for the ones who are still stuck on pre-XP versions for some unthinkable reason.

This glorious piece of news was announced on Monday as the company declared that anyone running XP and above would be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $40. This also makes sure that Microsoft gets the maximum number of conversions and gets as many people using Windows 8 as possible, which is what the company should be doing for a platform as new as this.

Compared to older upgrade costs, this is really quite cheap. The $40 upgrade cost applies to an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from XP and above. The cheapest possible upgrade for Windows 7 costs $120 from the online store. In fact, upgrading to a higher version of Windows 7 from a lower one costs $65 at the very least. But don’t get too comfortable with the $40 rate. This is just a promotional rate according to Microsoft, which will last till January 2013 and will not include a physical copy on a DVD. This will applicable only to online upgrades. If you want a DVD version, you will have to cough up $70 for it at a retail store even during the promotion. There’s no other information regarding the rest of the pricing and availability questions.

Selling upgrades for cheap has good precedence in the market as Microsoft competitor Apple has been charging just $29 for upgrading to the last two versions of Mac OS X. As Mountain Lion, the latest version of OS X, becomes available later this summer, it will sell for just $20. And the results show. According to one estimate, nearly 85% of Macs are either on Snow Leopard or Lion — the last two versions of OS X. Now compare this to Microsoft where almost half of the PCs worldwide are running on Windows XP, which is 11 years old now. So this new strategy can really work out in Microsoft’s favor.

Reasons to upgrade

There are many reasons to upgrade to Windows 8 if you are running Windows XP and above. So far, XP users have been avoiding upgrading because the OS so far have demanded far greater resources than XP that caused older machines to become nearly obsolete. Windows 7 improved on that equation but not by that much of a margin. Windows 8 however brings a completely different set of features to the tablet and it seeks to include even XP machines in to its fold.

Windows 8 $40 upgrade now for users of XP and above

Windows 8 has already been shown to extremely flexible and capable of running on the most rudimentary of machines. So even if you are running the first generation Atom with 1GB of RAM, you can run it. You can also go lowe than this configuration and still be able to use the basic features like go online and use basic apps. So its now like Windows 8 will not boot at all on an older system.

Aside from the fact that it can easily run on many of the current XP machines, Windows 8 also brings better security to anybody who’s using XP. It has much better built in security features and home users who do not participate in high infection risk activities can always rely on the built in anti-virus. Windows 8 has been rewritten to be more safe and that really matters.

Windows 8 will also give you access to a lot of new and cool apps that you will be missing out on if you continue with XP.

And the final reason — XP will stop receiving updates from Microsoft after April 8, 2014. So passing up on a cheap upgrade would not be advisable.

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