Windows 8 Touchscreen With Sensor Fusion API and Native Drivers For Broadband Mobile Dongles

The new sensor fusion API in Windows 8 will add better support for sensors like accelerometers or even gyrometers. But Windows 8 also includes native support for broadband mobile dongles and USB 3.0:

Windows 8 USB 3.0 Support

The BUILD 2011 conference has started and the first day was quite the rush of consumer-oriented features for the new Windows 8 platform. Amongst the many features discussed, one would be particularly interesting to users with mobile broadband dongles and USB 3.0 devices. Starting from Windows 8, these devices will have native driver support in Windows.

Native Driver Support For Broadband Mobile Dongles

Windows 8 will be providing class compliant native driver support for mobile broadband dongles. These are devices that have become exceedingly common now and are used to access broadband speeds on the move through mobile carrier networks. As of now, these devices require the user to install their own connection manager and sometimes drivers to operate properly.

Needless to say that these connection managers and drivers are not always user-friendly and many non-tech savvy people are confused and frustrated by them. Enter Microsoft; the Redmond tech giant seeks to ensure that not only would you have proper plug-n-play support for these devices, but the drivers will also ‘look’ better. That is because the class compliant drivers will be designed by Microsoft to match the new live-tile based Metro UI — a derivative from the current Windows Phone 7 mobile OS.

This would not only make them easier to install and use but it would also better the service quality of the devices. Dropped connections and general bandwidth issues should improve. Reconnections times would also be sped up. And on top of that, Windows will detect your data usage and will warn you when you approach the limit. This is very useful because most often the mobile broadband connection plans are on limited plans due their high speeds.

Native USB 3.0 Support In Windows 8

This is something that we already knew from before BUILD. Windows 8 will support the high-speed USB 3.0 standard natively. With the native drivers, all USB 3.0 devices should become plug-n-play without the need for extra third-party drivers. And the performance is also expected to be much better and speedier than the current range of third party drivers.

Windows 8 Will Be Touch, Heat, Pressure, Current, Motion, Temperature And Light Sensitive

In addition to mobile broadband modems and USB 3.0, Windows 8 will also include a plethora of drivers for other devices like touch-input devices, printers and displays. And the most exciting part is that Windows 8 will also include a new human-interface device driver that will support sensors that detect heat, light, motion, temperature, current and pressure. This shows that Microsoft is now planning to go far beyond the normal range of computers and tablets. These sensors can essentially be used for creating medical devices and other creative gadgets, all of the making use of the Windows 8 platform.

This amount of forward thinking and diversification should be enough to light a new spark of intrigue in the developers.

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