Metro UI Good For Windows 8 Touch Screen Users

Windows 8 is going to use the Metro UI for touch screen. Some leaked screenshots show that this UI is perfect for touch-sensitive devices.

Windows 8 Touch UI

Windows 8 Touch The Future

Windows 7 saw the start of touch screen technology, an improvement that we had been expecting for years but one that is finally with us and will change the way we use computers forever. In this guide, we will explore touch screen technology with Windows 8 and what we can expect.

Windows 8 Touch
Image: New Metro Tile UI in Windows 8 Leaked – It’s important for touch screen users to know that Windows 8 will use the Metro UI.

Here’s a first prototype of a touch-based desktop PC running Windows 8:
Windows 8 Touch Prototype

Touch Screen Developments

As mentioned, Windows 7 was the first Microsoft operating system that was touch screen compatible. While development remained relatively quiet, the market has since been ‘swarmed’ with touch screen technology. By the time Windows 8 is released it is believed that development would have progressed a lot; however, at this point there is no official news from Windows in terms of development or at what stage it will be at by the time Windows 8 is released.

windows 8 touch

Will The Touch Screen Be A Full Replacement?

The main question remains if touch screen technology will end up replacing the keyboard and mouse in time for the release of Windows 8. This is clearly the way development is progressing; however, it is a matter of time, and the chances are at no stage in Windows 8 will touch screen replace the traditional mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft will clearly add to their Windows 7 ‘touch pack’ which at this point includes different applications and games that can only be played with the touch screen. This means we will probably see third party created games launched in touch mode, and eventually this type of gaming may replace what we know now altogether.

Touch Screen Problems

There are a few of problems to explore:
1) Touch screen technology is not yet flawless and any problems with the screen will be expensive.
2) There will probably be a time where the touch screen and the regular format happily co-exist; however, if the touch screen does become the norm then there will be a transitional period.
3) People do not like change to this degree, and this may be a problem in the long run. Thousands of people that own a touch screen device said that after the novelty period wears off, they go back to the keyboard and mouse because that is how they have been doing things for years.
Touch screen technology is exciting and clearly the development will continue in line with the release of Windows 8. However, it needs to overcome the problems as shown above, in order to make a successful transition and the likelihood this will not be the case for another decade.

Windows 8 Touch Screen
Some new Windows 8 tablets will clearly profit from this pro-touch-OS.

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