Windows 8 To Receive Kinect Enabled Software At Launch

Microsoft recently added Windows 8 support to the Kinect software development kit, enabling software makers to create Kinect enabled apps before Windows 8 is officially launched.

Kinect Windows 8

Windows 8 Will Enjoy Kinect Support From The Very Beginning

If you are someone who loves their Kinect and thinks that it is destined for great things then you are in good company. Many big businesses, software developers and Microsoft themselves believe in Kinect’s ability to do more than just play games. And as of this week, software makers can make Widnows 8 applications that utilize Kinect’s unique features.

For end users like you and me, that might mean great PC applications where you don’t have to use your keyboard or mouse to navigate and control. Hand gestures will be enough to move the interface around. Just imagine controlling a whole entertainment suite with hand gestures and voice commands. Want to search a video on YouTube? Just say the search words our loud. Want to go to the next or previous photo? Just swipe your hand in mid air. With Kinect’s voice and 3D motion recognition, all of this is easily possible and more.

Windows 8 With Kinect Can Be Winning Combo

We have already reported earlier more than 200 companies (including some Fortune 500 companies) being interested in exploiting Kinect commercially. Now that Windows 8 support is being introduced, it means if the OS launches later in 2012 the businesses might have time to create applications for it in advance. The commercial version of the software development kit (used by developers to create applications for a platform) is supposed to be available next year. The current version supports Windows 8 is available for educational and non-commercial use only. However, that should not stop developers from readying themselves for the commercial release next year.

The addition of Kinect to Windows 8 will only strengthen the launch of the OS. Users are already very interested and additional benefits will serve to increase the rate at which they will adopt the platform.

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