Windows 8 To Offer A Bloatware Cleaning Service

Microsoft has introduced its “Signature Upgrade” service across 21 of its existing and upcoming retails stores for getting rid of the ‘bloatware’ that comes with your PC.

You Can Get Rid Of Bloatware On Windows 8 Devices For $99

Bloatware is term used to refer to the useless pile of applications that many device manufacturers and sellers pre-install in to brand new systems right alongside the OS. Some of them are useful but most of them tend to be annoying and useless. The companies use it as a kind of marketing tool and to show it as some kind of value addition to the consumer. The consumer though is tired of it and wants to get rid of it.

Windows 8 is expected to have less of the bloatware that plagues current machines but it will still be there. To get rid of it, consumers might have to resort to Microsoft’s “Signature Upgrade” service that will cost $99 to avail. It is already available at all the 21 existing and upcoming retail outlets across the US. There are free tools available online for current Windows versions to do the same thing and hopefully they will be upgraded to serve Windows 8 as well. This service is essentially for those people who are not very comfortable with performing computer maintenance on their own.

Microsoft’s announcement of the service has in fact kickstarted the bloatware issue just as the Windows 8 Release Preview launch is drawing closer. A lot of tech enthusiasts and consumers expected Microsoft to take a step towards preserving the beauty of its new Metro interface by preventing bloatware. But the a “Signature Upgrade” service is now being seen as a confirmation of the fact that bloatware will still be present on new devices.

Microsoft has however taken steps towards reducing this problem to a minimum. According to its license agreements, manufacturers can install only ‘one’ Metro App per external device. An external device would include a printer, a scanner, etc. This might seem like lenient but it would still improve the situation a lot because previously manufacturers would install multiple pieces of software for just one device. Think of an HP printer suite or DVD writer application suites and you will get the picture.

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