Windows 8 To Feature Pattern-Based Touch Login

Seemingly inspired by Google’s Android OS, a recently leaked video suggests that Windows 8 will have a pattern-based login. Likely to be implemented in both the tablet and the regular version of the OS, it will involve tapping out a pattern on the screen either through the keyboard or the touchscreen.

Windows 8 Touch Screen Login

Windows 8 — Touch Pattern To Login

Similar to what Android users are already familiar with, a recently leaked video suggests that Windows 8 will feature pattern-based logins instead of a password-based login.

Since touchscreen-based devices usually do not come equipped with keypads, having pattern-based entry makes a lot of sense. The video that shows can be mildly offensive for some people and might be NSFW. It is not very graphic but is still slightly unsafe for work.

Is Microsoft Walking In To A Licensing Minefield?

Given That Apple is already suing HTC for patent infringement on their use of touch to login, there are talks of how Microsoft is going to pull this one off. Apple’s lawsuit against HTC is actually aimed at the Android Unlock screen, so one also has to wonder whether Google will be suing Microsoft.

However, when it comes to Apple and Microsoft — the two companies have been rivals but have also been cross-licensing patents for quite some time now. So Whoever sues Microsoft for this specific feature, it is possible that Apple won’t be one of them.

What About The Rest Of Devices?

Devices other than tablets actually don’t need touch-based login systems because they usually come with hardware keypads where they can easily punch in character-based passwords. However, it might still be a good idea to include the option as standard on the OS because a lot of devices a starting to hybridize input. And there are the convertibles that also feature touchscreens and touch-based input features.

Hence overall, this feature is likely to enhance Windows 8’s appeal quite a bit and improve the odds of the OS against its rivals on the mobile platform.

We’ll post a video of the pattern touch screen login shortly.

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