Windows 8 to be released in 2013?

No one knows for sure if Windows 8 will be released in 2013 or, for that matter, what the OS will actually be called. In this guide, we will explore the facts in more detail.

windows 8 2013 release

Will Windows 8 Really Be Released in 2013?

In a speech given recently by Michael Cherry, early builds of Windows 8 have already been released to some software vendors. It was hinted that a first look at the new code might be made available to the public at the Professional Developers Conference this coming September. Although it will possibly be held in Seattle, the location for the conference has yet to be determined.

Will there be any similarities with Windows 8 to the iPad?

It is possible that Windows 8 for x64 and x86 hardware and SoC components, otherwise known as SoC, may be seen in Windows 8 by 2013 or after. From the information that we have gathered, we believe that this development will allow lower battery consumption for Windows devices much like Apple’s iPad.

windows 8 2013 tablet

What is the Earliest Date We Might See Windows 8?

Analysts believe that we might have a first look at the Windows 8 code during the Professional Developers Conference scheduled for September 2011. Some believe that the new operating system might not even be called Windows 8 because Microsoft has been referring to it as “Windows Next”. From what we have been able to discover, there is a strong possibility that the operating systems for both client and server may be simultaneously released in the middle of 2012. On the other hand, other findings seem to suggest Windows will not rush development and ‘Windows 8’ will not be released until early 2013.

Can We Expect To See All The Planned Features?

Some of the leaked features might of course not be implemented. However, what we do know is that it is highly likely that the Blue Screen of Death will be replaced by a black screen. Cherry himself urged that people should not make plans based upon leaked screenshots because if the screenshots are accurate, Microsoft tends to discontinue features before actual release dates. This is another strong reason why we may not see a release until 2013 because Microsoft may want to eliminate some of the features that we have seen in leaked screen shots.


There is no question that Microsoft’s upcoming release of its latest operating system is the hottest item in the information technology world. We will all simply have to wait to see how much of the hype turns out to be factual, and if the release date will be in 2013. As each day passes, we will gain more information into the world of Windows 8.

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