Windows 8 Themes Could Change Theme Color Based On Aero Wallpaper

According to the latest Windows 8 rumors, Windows 8 Aero themes might have a new feature that will automatically adjust the color of the theme based on the color of your desktop wallpaper. More after the break.

Windows 8 Themes With New Aero Auto Color Feature

As you can see on the leaked Windows 8 screenshot below, the current selected color of the Aero theme is “Automatic”. This automatic color will select the color of your Windows 8 theme based on the main color of your desktop wallpaper.

Windows 8 Aero Theme: Automatic Color Adjustment

The screenshot below shows that it will not pick just a random color in the picture, it will intelligently pick the dominating color in a wallpaper, in the example below it changes the color of your Aero theme to the very dominant pink/rose.


If you have a large wallpaper theme with many different desktop wallpaper it’s quite annoying that you always have to readjust the color for the best results. With this new smart Aero-auto-color feature you will no longer need to manually modify the color of your Aero themes. Looks like Microsoft is really trying hard to make Windows 8 one of the most beautiful and smart OS’s ever.

So, now all we need is a desktop that will change the theme based on our mood or the weather outside 😉

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