Windows 8 Tablet

Since we found out that Microsoft will use ARM on some of their systems what does this mean for any Windows 8 tablet? In this guide, we will explore what we can expect from Windows 8 tablets.
windows 8 tablet design

Windows 8 clearly has plans for the production of plenty of tablets; in fact, dell has already announced a partnership with the Windows to release a tablet in early 2012. This could be the first tablet that is released, but it will not be the only one.

What is ARM?

ARM or advanced RISC machine is a 32 bit reduced instruction set computer, which is currently used in low end technologies such as phones and tablets. Originally, they were developed for computing, but the x86 family took over this market and now dominate it. However, ARM has a tight grip on the mobile phone and tablet market. An astonishing 98% of phones sold last year used ARM systems, and roughly 9/10’s of all mobile phones use ARM as their system.

Windows 8 Tablet

What are the Benefits?

Clearly, due to their huge market share ARM is the best in the business when it comes to low end systems, but why?
Simplicity – Without a doubt an ARM system is the simplest system available which is why it is so successful on phones and tablets.
Shorter time to develop – Due to their small size, they do not take as long to develop as other microchips. This will be a relief to ARM as I am sure Microsoft will have them developing millions .

Higher Performance – Even though it has less code density then CISC and cannot execute X86 code without the need for additional software, an ARM system does have better performance than its CISC counterpart.
Price – Of course, due to their small size, simplicity and low end processor, an ARM system is much cheaper than their competitors.
Microsoft and ARM pairing up with Dell for a tablet is exactly what is needed in order to challenge the IPad. Of course it will take away some of Apples market share, but how much remains to be seen.

We’ll keep you posted once we have any news about the upcoming Windows 8 tablet. Stay tuned!

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