Windows 8 Starcraft 2 Theme

Starcraft 2 is getting a new expansion in 2012 and here’s the perfect Starcraft 2 theme for all Windows 8 PC’s:

Best Windows 8 Starcraft 2 Theme

This is a brilliant Windows 8 theme, definitely one the best themes you can download from us – we have included Start orbs for ALL Starcraft 2 races, including Terran, Zerg, Protoss. Installing Windows 8 themes is rather easy, but installing Start orbs is a bit difficult, especially on Windows 8 – you first have to disable the Metro desktop for that or modify the Metro Start button.

Starcraft Start Orb

And of course there are backgrounds for all races for your Windows 8 PC:
More Windows Backgrounds

Even for dual-monitor owners we have something in store:

Starcraft 2 Dual Monitor Background

Download this Windows 8 Starcraft 2 theme now!

Excellent Windows 8 Starcraft Theme


We also added new sounds to this theme that will make Windows 8 an even better experience. Rock on! If you want to submit any themes to our site, please post your links and we’ll feature them on the site.

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