Windows 8 services that are safe to disable (speed up your PC)

There are many unnecessary Windows 8 services which are enabled by default. You may disable them so that your Windows 8 do not take extra resources. In this tutorial, we are showing you how to speed up Windows 8 disabling some services.

preview-how to speed up Windows 8

What services that are safe to be disabled?

1. On your Metro Start Screen, move your mouse cursor to the lower left corner so that Windows 8 charms pops up. Click on Search.

Start services

2. Next, type msconfig in the Search App box. Click on the ‘msconfig’ icon on the left side.

Search services

3. On the System Configuration window, click on the Services tab.

System config services

4. You can disable these following services really safely. Beside, a lot of them are already disabled. So if you really want to speed up your computer, check these services overview and disable the following services:
– Application Experience
– Block Level Backup Engine Service
– Certificate Propagation
– IP Helper
– Secondary Logon
– Server
– Tablet PC Input Service
– TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
– Windows Media Center Service Launcher
– Windows Search
– Windows Time
Uncheck the checkmark next to them.

Disable services

5. Finally, Click Apply and then OK. Next, you will be asked to restart your computer. Click on the Restart button. That are the complete steps. Beside you may also check startup items. Disabling startup items like yahoo messanger, skype will also speed up Windows loading process.

Restart services


Just incase if your system do not perform well after disabling services then re-boot again and re-enable the particular services. If you can’t load Windows 8 properly in normal mode then open in safe mode. Windows 8 has lots of services that are not be used for your daily work.

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