Windows 8 Server Edition: More Secure, Better Guidance

New Windows 8 server edition has been unveiled to be faster, more reliable and includes new security features.

Secure Servers

Windows’ user always expect some new features in every new addition, features with enhanced access for users and more control of their personal computers. One of the most important features always wanted is security in operating systems. Microsoft’s operating systems have always been vulnerable to spam attacks as compared to other operating systems. With the release of Windows 7, new security features were added to the operating system and somehow it protected Windows 7 from spam attacks also and it was not as open for these attacks as Windows XP or other versions of Windows were in the past. Now with news of ‘Window 8’, enhanced security is also expected and Windows Server is also expected to be better than previous editions.

Increased Support

Windows 8 server is expected to be reliable, secure and with improved privacy. There is going to be cryptographic guidance from Microsoft. Other support from Microsoft includes guidance concerning ACL, security reviews and threat model analysis, telemetry enhancements, self-host reporting and ecosystem security reporting. Keeping in view the previous vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Server Editions, the company is considering adding some new securities and additional resources in the upcoming release like MPIO and storage CDB fizzer, M1 and M2 features and SKU addition.

The established and dependable technology of Windows 8 server delivers you with a foundation to run most minor business applications. It’s a reasonable platform for the core selection of IT competences, counting file and print sharing, distant access and security. A simple and acquainted Windows 8 server experience makes it easy for organizations to get up and operate. As the major part of a true local area network (LAN), Windows Server 8 lets employees exchange data firmly, without necessitating e-mail or the Internet access. Moreover, Windows 8 Server provides an easy elevation path to higher-end versions of Windows Server, so your IT explanation can grow as your business cultivates.

Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President at Windows Experience, in her article about ‘Windows 8’ preview, writes that they have tested new developers for new version so that they can give a different look from conventional Windows look. The new version of server, Windows 8 Server has been developed in HTML 5 which itself is also a new experience. The server edition is cost effective and does not need too much training or practice for its operation. That is an interesting feature of new version, simplicity and access.

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