Windows 8 Security: See what is listening on a port by using built-in tools via netsta

To check your system security you don’t need fancy tools, how about checking what IP’s listen on a specific port? Can be done by using built-in tools in most Windows versions via netstat

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Why do we need to see what is listening on a port?

When there are a lot of applications running simultaneously on a computer, the traffic is large and problems may occur. In order to find out the problem we must see what is listening on the ports used. So we can use the netstat command. The Netstat Command displays network connections, routing information and a number of network interfaces. Using various parameters with the netstat commands we can find what is listening on the ports.

i. Displays all the active connections and the TCP and UDP ports that are listening on the computer.
ii. Displays active TCP connections and the Process ID
iii. Active TCP connections and the ports and addresses expressed numerically.
There are a number of parameters which you can use for many more purposes.

Steps to see what is listening on a port by using built-in tools in Windows 8

1. Press Windows + C to open the Charm screen. Select Search.


2. In the search box type cmd and select to open the Command prompt.

search command

3. In the Command box write the command netstat -a -o -n and press Enter.

Netstat command

4. Now you can find what are listening on the ports, the protocol used, the physical and IP addresses, the State and the Process identifiers.


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