Windows 8 Release Date News

We have some exciting release date news! If you can’t wait for Windows 8 to be released this will cheer you up. More infos and news after the break.

Release Date News

Windows 8 Tablet PC Rumors

The Windows 7 beta was released in 2008. Now, we might be able to see a Windows 8 beta real soon. How soon? Possibly at the CES2011. There are many rumors that Steve Ballmer could show off some Windows 8 tablet PC’s at the CES in 2011. It has already been confirmed that Microsoft will present various Windows 7 tablet PC’s, but so far no confirmation for a Windows 8 tablet. A Windows 8 tablet powered by the cloud would make A LOT of sense. Google unveiled its Chrome OS and sent out a lot of Chrome notebooks to testers. So far, the reviews are very positive. However, they still have a long way to go. Microsoft started working on Windows Azure (we reported) and various other cloud computing projects as early as 2008/2009.

I am hoping for a real big surprise and possibly a Windows 8 tablet with some cloud computing features. They might need more time to prepare Windows 8 for a public showoff, but good things need their time, so I wouldn’t be to worried if they would not present anything Windows 8-related at the CES 2011.

Release Date Speculations

If you speculate that they will show us a Windows 8 tablet at the CES, that would mean that Microsoft is right on track and could possibly release a Windows 8 in mid-2011 and release the final Windows 8 build in late 2011 or early 2012.

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