Windows 8 Release Date News! 2013?

Windows 8 Release Date News We have some great news! Well, or bad news if you were expecting a Windows 8 release date in 2011 or 2012. Wzor is back – with some news about Windows 8.

According to wzor, Windows 8 will be released in 2013. He even gave us a concrete release date! Wzor states that Windows 8 is going to be released on January 7, 2013. In the past, wzor always gave us very reliable information. He even correctly “predicted” when Windows 8 would be released.

Possible Release Date

Windows 8 Release Date: January 7th, 2013

I would still take this information with a grain of salt. This is VERY speculative. However, considering that they did not show us much at the CES2011, we can argue that they don’t have anything to show to the public right now. For me, that’s great news. I’m happy with Windows 7 as it is and I can wait for a while until upgrading the OS again. So, if the world is not going to end in 2012, we’ll hopefully enjoy Windows 8 on our PC’s in early 2013. If all goes as planned, wzor says there will be TWO beta phases for Windows 8. For tech enthusiasts this is great news!

He also gave us information about a possible Windows 7 SP2 release date.

We will of course keep you posted with more release date news. A Windows 8 beta release date would be what I am most interested in, especially if there are going to be two beta phases for Windows 8.

PS: We have updated our Windows 8 countdown with this release date

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