Windows 8 Release Date in 2011?

Although the Windows 8 Roadmap clearly states that Microsoft will release Windows 8 in 2012, some Microsoft Insider say that we can expect Windows 8 in 2011. If the release date will be really 2011, I suppose they might aim for a release in October.

Does 2-years sound realistic for a major release? I don’t think so. What do you think? Poll Inside!

That’s why I still believe that Microsoft will release Windows 8 later and not sooner. However, we have to keep in mind that the competition is not sleeping. Microsoft got to catch up, Vista was a financial disaster and MAC OS X is catching up. More and more users switch to alternatives. There are some user-friendly linux and UNIX distributions available by now and best of all – they are free!

Is Microsoft like Google in a position where no one can touch their market share? More and more people get used to MAC PC’s because of the great success of Apple notebooks (apple macbook). The popularity of the Apple iPhone probably plays a role too. The competition is hard at work.

Windows 8 Release Date Poll

What do you think? When will Windows 8 be released?

Sidenote: If the world is going to end in 2012 there is not going to be a Windows 8! What will we do in heaven without Windows 8? Maybe we’re all going to burn in hell and have to use MAC/Linux for the rest of our lives *cough*

I’m about to install Ubuntu, yay!

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