Windows 8 Refines Collaboration And Security For Health Care

Health Care It Windows 8 Thumb3 Don’t be surprised if your next diagnosis at the doctor’s is recorded and shared through Windows 8 devices

Windows 8 comes with new features that enable better security and collaboration features for health care providers everywhere.

Windows 8 Improves Features For Health Care Industry

Health data is one of the most important forms of data there are and its security is as important as its quick availability in times of need. Windows 8 steps up to the challenge by improving on both counts. The new platform makes it easier for health care providers to secure health data and also share the data between themselves as and when needed. This ability enables various different providers to exchange data swiftly, efficiently and securely between themselves. Efficient access to health data often leads to life saving moves that need to be made just in time.

One of the main advantages that Windows 8 has over previous versions is that it can run on multiple devices. And the data can be shared between all of those devices. So from desktop to notebook to phone to tablet and everything in between can be achieved through Windows 8. This is what makes the new OS so very versatile. The health care industry has been waiting for hardware and software to catch up to their needs and Windows 8 provides a positive step in that direction.

Microsoft has a dedicated Health and Life Sciences department and the chief there is Dennis Schmuland. According to him, medical teams will finally be able to function completely as a team through this digital interface and rapidly pass around and share data to achieve better results. This solves one of the main problems in health care that is bogged down by several regulations and the inability to collaborate across multiple platforms and devices.

Schmuland said there is already a lack of physicians and nurses in the industry and hence it needs better tools to make the existing professionals more efficient and savvy.

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