Windows 8 Receives First Social News Reader App

NewsMix is a social news reader app with a social twist that allows important and influential users to gather and curate news rather than using a set list of categories.

NewsMix Releases Windows 8 Metro App

NewsMix Combines Social Recommendation And News In A Metro App

News Mix is a first of its Kind Metro app. It is a social reader app that allows users to read news that has been curated by real people and is based on the popular web-based NewsMix ( service. The service announced the release of the Windows 8 Metro app earlier this week and it has been available on the Windows Store ever since as a free download. It is clearly an app that has been designed purely for touchscreen use (as are most of the Metro apps and the Metro UI itself). It has some visual resemblance to the website, which also uses square tiles for each article but works the same way underneath the Metro-optimized UI. It also gives users to the company’s also newly launched Mix Store, which is a curated place for a weekly dose of the best, most relevant and popular news mixes.

To things simply, this service is very much like your own personalized radio station but for news. Quite similar to a number of other socially curated services like Pinterest. Now imagine an app for such a service for Windows 8 Metro app and that’s what this app is like.

You can make your own channel but the main idea here is (for the average user) to get access to the mixes of people who matter. So for a tech junkie, they would get to follow news mixes created by people who are known for staying on top of everything tech. Similarly, get to follow the mixes of people who make it their job to stay on top music, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and more. And these people are journalists, experts, bloggers and others who are known for digging up great stories.

The app, just like the NewsMix website, curates everything from all other social sites — videos, images, blog posts and more. So you are saved the hassle of following Pinterest, FaceBook, Tumblr and a million blogs and more such services.

NewsMix Releases Windows 8 Metro App

As a topic oriented news app, the NewsMix Metro App benefits from the tile and image oriented Metro UI. The app’s main screen is dominated by topics that you will choose and add. And these topics can either be extremely broad, like technology, or extremely narrow, like a football team. And once you get started, it is really very simple — add the topics that you want to read about and then simply tap on the article that you want to read. It will expand to let you read it and then you can go back to the main screen and choose another topic, another mix, another article.

One of the best things about this app is that its minimalist Metro interface makes reading things a pleasure. It is offered in three languages so far — English, French and Spanish and hopefully more would be added soon.

Even though it is a social news app, you will also have the benefit of being able to follow newspapers from all around the world. This gives the service a good blend between professional journalism outfits and the rest of the Internet. So you ultimately do not have to let go of any of your current news sources (unless they are behind a pay/subscription wall). The app shows very good potential for tablet use, which the app was actually designed for.

The Switzerland-based developer Sobees says the app is of “Swiss quality” amongst the other apps in the Windows Store. It has also earned the distinction of being amongst the 100 new apps to be released in to the Windows Store along with the Windows 8 Release Preview launch. So if you feel like you are clutching at straws trying to keep up with news in your areas of interest, this app might be of some help to you. It works only on Windows 8 Release Preview apparently.

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