Windows 8 Prototypes From Toshiba Found At Computex 2012

Toshiba was one of the many companies at Computex to show off prototypes running the upcoming Windows 8 platform.

Toshiba Windows 8 Slider protoype

Toshiba Shows Off Windows 8 Prototypes At Computex

Toshiba was showing off some finished Windows 7 devices at Computex but the excitement was around the Windows 8 prototypes that were also on display at the event. There were three devices to be seen there and one of them was a Transformer Prime like tablet and keyboard dock combination. Ever since Asus has introduced the Transformer Prime, it seems as though every manufacturer making a Windows 8 tablet is making also a keyboard dock as an accessory. The Transformer Prime is of course an Android tablet and this whole keyboard dock idea was already there with the first iPad. All Asus did was add a battery and make it more ‘transforming’ so that it can fold in and close like a netbook.

Computex saw a lot of these tablet and keyboard dock combinations for Windows 8 devices, presumably because manufacturers thought it would be the best for a platform that is equal amounts touch and non-touch optimized. It gives the user options to utilize both sides.

There was also a slider PC from Toshiba. Also a part of the Windows 8 prototypes, this devices is a compact tablet type device with a sliding function that changes it in to a normal netbook form factor. The whole display slides back and upwards to reveal a keyboard and get propped up in a laptop screen like position. It is in fact quite similar to other sliders on the market, such as the MSI Slider S20.

Toshiba did not reveal much detail about what was running inside the hood but it is pretty clear that they are interested in Windows RT (Windows for ARM) has potential to beat traditional form factor compeitition. And since Toshiba is woring working with both Intel and Texas Instruments, we are likely to see both x86 and ARM inside devices.

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