FAQ: What’s The Price of Windows 8 Going To Be?

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On this page we will list all Windows 8 versions and the price in USD – Windows 8 is definitely not the most expensive Windows and has great upgrade prices!

Windows 8 price

Update: Prices Detailed

Here are the current prices:

Version    Price
Windows 8 Pro Upgrade $66.99
Windows 8 System Builder DVD 64-bit $85
Windows 8 Pro System Builder DVD 64-bit $125
Windows 8 Pro Pack (Upgrade Regular To Pro) $69.99
Windows 8 System Builder DVD 32-bit $85
Windows 8 Pro System Builder DVD 32-bit $125

What Is The Windows 8 System Builder Version And When Do I Need It?

Microsoft’s name are not self-explaining – the system builder version is a so called OEM version that allows you to install Windows 8 on any PC that does not have Windows. For a PC that already has Windows 8 you can buy the cheaper upgrade version! But keep in mind if you want to keep Windows 7 you should consider buying the system builder version because a downgrade is difficult.


Hardware and Cloud Data Storage Might Make Windows 8 The Most Expensive Windows Ever

Supposedly, the actual Windows 8 price won’t be that different, but what makes it expensive is the hardware and the cloud support. I could also imagine that the cloud service is offered for mobile devices as well, making it a costly Windows experience.


  • Windows 8 Price: $66.99 (Upgrade Only)
  • Kinect Device for Windows 8: $100+
  • Cloud Data Storage: $20 – $60 per month (speculation, depends on contracts!)

Historical Windows Prices (Introductory Price)

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Home Premium $159.99 Home Premium $119.99
Business $199.99 Professional $199.99
Ultimate $259.99 Ultimate $219.99

If we believe what we read then we can expect that Windows 8 will cost slightly more than its predecessors. If the system comes with audio  and facial recognition then we will probably need to spend more on the hardware (Kinect for Windows).

Alternatively, you could choose not to use these features and buy the low-end edition.


**Outdated: Different Windows 8 Editions

Obviously, there will be different Windows 8 editions, possibly the same edition that we know from Vista and Windows 7: Home, Professional, Ultimate. These will all differ in ‘quality’ and price, which means that (if we go by previous examples), we should expect there to be prices from $100 to about $300.

**Oudated: Pricing Rumors

While there have been plenty of rumours focusing on the development of Windows 8 there has been little to suggest what price we can expect. In fact, after scouring the highs and lows of the Internet there are very few people even attempting to speculate prices. This is probably because it is too early to even guess a price, and this will not be mentioned until much closer to the release date.

After looking at the above, we can probably assume that Windows 8 will not be too different in price from when Windows 7 was released. Remember, we need to take into account the different Windows 8 editions, but can safely assume that Windows 8 systems will cost from £100 to about £400 when it is first released. On the other hand, we could look into it a bit deeper and assume that the new technology introduced in Windows 8 will in fact make the system much more expensive than Windows 7 was when it was released (cloud, kinect, etc.)

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