Windows 8 Photos App Is Smooth New Take On Photo Management

Windows 8 comes with great new native apps like Mail and People and one of those apps is the Photos app that makes for very smooth and instant photo management.
Windows 8 Photos App

Photos App On Windows 8: Smooth And Swift

Windows 8 has an inbuilt photo management app that is simply called ‘Photos’. It is a powerful app that shows a lot of promise but needs more development. The version included in the Consumer Preview release has some consistency issues and some common functions are missing. However, it’s brand new take on system-wide photo management is refreshingly innovative and swift.

It gives you almost instant access to all your photos whenever you need them. And by all your photos we mean the ones that are locally stored on you system along with the ones that are residing in the clouds of SkyDrive, Facebook and Flickr. For the cloud areas, you will have to go through a login process initially and then the app will be automatically populated with your photos and albums. For SkyDrive, all images will show up on the device regardless of whether they are stored in the Pictures folder or not.

Right now, photos display in a neat single row where you have to scroll through them. You can enter full screen by tapping on a photo and then you will have to move one by one. There’s no way of quickly navigating large collections. Hopefully it will be added before the commercial Windows 8 release.

The main feature that makes this app stand out is its speed. It somehow manages to throw up the images almost as soon as you tap on them or start up the app. Whilst the cloud-based services are definitely going to require a speedy broadband connection, the app is overall very responsive.

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