Windows 8 Now Available Everywhere – Will You Buy It?

Ll_windows 8 Launch 1 Thumb2 Everybody is waiting as Windows finally makes it to the shelves at midnight this Friday after Microsoft’s presentation earlier today.

All Time Zones Will Got Windows 8 At Same Time

Microsoft has declared that every time zone in the world (where Microsoft has a presence) will get Windows 8 starting 12:01 a.m. local time. That means places like Japan, Korea, China and India have received Windows 8 ahead of everybody else.

Microsoft held a special Windows 8 launch event in New York today where CEO Steve Jobs was busy talking up the new operating system and its special features. Ballmer was big on the wide variety of devices that Windows 8 supports right now. Starting from tablets to desktops and notebooks — Windows 8 has a fluid new interface that is at home on a variety of screens and set ups. It has also given birth to a whole new generation of hybrid devices that feed off the innovation in Windows 8. There are ones that flip, others that slide whilst some twist and one that simply has two screens back to back (TaiChi).

And how can one forget Microsoft’s own foray in to the tablet world with the Surface and Surface RT Windows 8 tablets. One is running the full Windows 8 OS and the other is running Windows RT — the version of Windows that runs on ARM. The Surface tablets and their accessories also go on sale from Friday onwards. The keyboard dock for the Surface tablets is an especially good one to look out for.

Ballmer also highlighted the use of touch on PCs of every kind. Every form factor of the PC has been introduced to touch for working properly with Windows 8. This means All-In-One devices, notebooks, desktop monitors and hybrid devices that have all been equipped with touchscreens of various kinds to work with Windows 8. Also available are a bunch of peripherals from Microsoft (Wedge, Touch mouse, etc.) and other companies that take advantage of the touch phenomenon and give the users complete touch control.

The CEO excited in his usual manner and had to say this about the OS:

“we’ve truly re-imagined Windows and kicked off a new era.”

He also talked about the many new services or older services in newer forms that will be available on Windows 8. This includes a newly revamped Skype, Bing, SkyDrive cloud service that ties everything in, Internet Explorer 10, and of course Xbox Music and Videos. The cloud sync feature was also emphasized by Ballmer. He talked about how Windows 8 could give you access to your “stuff” anywhere at anytime because everything is synced up to the cloud. Everything that you choose to sync that is.

SkyDrive has limited space that stores your Windows 8 personal configuration like personalization and app collection and ties it in with your Live ID. So you can log in from anywhere and get the same things that your own machine has. Files can also be synced and certain programs like Office 2013 have deep cloud integration where even the cursor in a Word document will remain where you left it on your own system.

Windows becomes officially available Friday at midnight

Ballmer sounded super optimistic about the company’s sales and profits scenario as well. According to him, this launch will cause about 400 new million PCs to be sold worldwide out which most devices will run Windows 8. There’s also a prediction for 670 million upgrades from older versions to Windows 8 that will cost about $40 per upgrade. Of course, there’s no telling at the moment how the market will really react to this. The whole industry will be waiting to see whether these predictions really come true.

With Windows 8 almost here, all PC companies have gone in to a frenzy of product announcements and presale announcements. So it is a tough time for consumers right now to decide which one to go for. To ease things up, we will continue our coverage of the release and bring you detailed reports of available Windows 8 devices and how they measure up against one another. One thing is for sure though — there’s going to be a lot of choice for anybody who’s looking for a new PC. And if you are okay with buying an old one, the discounts should be quite nice right about now.

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