Windows 8 Mosh GUI

There are plenty of new and old rumors surrounding the potential interface of Windows 8. In this guide, we will explore a bit about the interface and what it could mean for the development of Windows 8.

windows 8 mosh

Some believed that Microsoft would let plenty of information known about Windows 8 at last year’s CES. However, Microsoft did not tell us anything that we did not already know and instead focused on the raft of Windows 7 tablets that were due to be released around that time.


Windows 8 Mosh: The Name

Respected technology blogger Paul Thurrott reported that the new Windows 8 interface would be called Mosh. However, many believe that this might not be the name for the new operating system interface and could be the name for the interface on Windows 8 tablets and other Windows 8 embedded devices.

New Features in Windows 8

According to Mr. Thurrott, Mosh is a new tile based system, just like the technology we can find on the Windows 7 embedded mobile devices. Many people are getting very excited about this news because this means for the first time (to the mainstream) our computers could be touch-screen. However, plenty of people in the know are suggesting that it is too early for a ‘full development’ of this technology. As you are no doubt aware, we have seen this type of development with the cloud system in Windows 7. However, this type of technology is not widespread yet. Therefore, the likelihood that touch-screen will become the new norm is unlikely until at least Windows 9. Others are saying that this full touch-screen rumour is being spread around to cause excitement, when the reality is there will only be minor developments to the way we use our Windows tablets and phones.

Windows 8 Rumours

Job posting on the official Microsoft website indicates that a touch-screen user interface for Windows 8 could be a possibility. The software engineering tester job advertised: “Do you want to play an integral part in building the next generation User Experience for Windows? Do you want to work on cutting edge user interface technologies, which will be used on screens across the world?” Now this is either one of two things, either Microsoft has used clever wording to indicate full touch-screen development is in place, or that there really is full development in place. If the later is the case, then whether or not this will be ready for Windows 8, only time will tell.

Even though the sources quoted above are not particularly the best, there is no reason why anybody would make up information in regard to the new GUI name, and the job posting clearly states that they are looking for testers for next gen technology.

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