Windows 8 Milestone 2 Features: Faster Shutdown, Improved Hibernation, ISO Verifier

Faster shutdown and boot up times, improved hibernation, a ISO verifier and extended battery life are only a few new features that might make Windows 8 the best Windows ever?

windows 8 milestone 2 interface

Windows 8 ISO Verifier

For starters, it looks like Windows 8 will come with a feature called Windows ISO Verifier, which will allow the user to verify that all Windows 8 image files are legitimate. The reason for this inclusion is that many people download 8 ISO files from a wide variety of sources, and it is hard to tell if the image has been changed. You will be able to verify if the image has been tampered with by just one click of your mouse.

Improved Booting and Shut Down Time in Windows 8

Microsoft is essentially striving for an enhanced on/off process. The three major areas it is hoping to address are booting time, the time it takes to shut down and the life of the battery.

It is rumoured that Microsoft has also put a lot of thought into how long it will take these systems to open up the ‘major applications’. Basically that means we can expect a revamped Prefetch version.

It is also expected that mobile tablet PCs will also have an “instant-on” feature, storing the entire status of the device in your RAM.

Will It Be Easier To Wake Up My Windows 8 Computer When It Is Hibernating?

It is estimated that only about 9% of all people use the hibernate feature on their computer. Microsoft will try to update the hibernation process and make it run more smoothly.

windows 8 hibernation

Extended Battery Life in Windows 8

Windows 7 has major battery issues as you can read here.

The battery life will be extended on Windows 8 laptops: It seems Microsoft will do this by making significant changes to the kernel such as removing the interrupt kernel scheduler and taking out some of the timers that disrupt Windows when it’s attempting to save power.

Windows 8 will also have an “intelligent alarm” that wakes up the computer for applications like virus scans. This will only occur when the laptop is connected to a power source.

It seems the software may include an installed PDF reader so users will no longer have to install auxiliary programs like Adobe Acrobat. All Windows 8 software is also rumoured to come with much better multimedia capabilities.

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