Windows 8 Might Feature “Human Detection” And Facial Recognition

The hackers over at Windows8Italia have dug through the latest leaked build of Windows 8 and have come across a hidden gem. Buried deep in the sensor capabilities of the upcoming OS is a feature that detects human presence.

Detect Human Presence in Windows 8

Windows 8 To Have Human Detection

If you can get over the fact that your computer is constantly scanning for human presence, you can enjoy your future Windows 8 computer powering up just as you enter the room. And as you sit down in front of it, it will detect your face and log you in.

This is what some hackers have found out whilst going through the latest Windows 8 build in the DLL file SensorsCpl.dll. Since this OS is going to be cross platform (ARM and X86) and cross-genre (desktop, laptop and tablet), there are lots of sensor capabilities built in to the OS like gyroscope, touchscreen, etc. And deep within that is a sensor that can detect human presence in the near by area and recognize faces.

Face Recognition In Additon To Human Presence Detection

Face recognition has already been implemented by companies in the market and is nothing new. But combined with presence detection and better algorithms, it can become interesting. Microsoft already has the Kinect technology for its Xbox 360 users that detects motion in 3D space and logs in users via face recognition. So if they are planning to bring that feature to their OS, it is a logical step forward in path to integration. Especially because at Redmond Windows is everything. Closely followed by Microsoft Office of course.

Leaked Documents Support This Claim

As we reported, several leaked slides and documents hint at a feature called “Instant login” or “Rapid login”:

Leaked Slides: Windows 8 And Kinect – Instant Login

Kinect Instant On

Planning documents from Microsoft leaked earlier on also supports this find. In those documents there were talks of the user bring able to log in simple by sitting down in front of the computer. Thus taking out the need to choose a user and enter a password before you can start working or play Farmville.

One thing you have wonder though, will the computer also detect a person getting up and leaving? Will it call you back and beg you to stay? Answers that will only come with time.

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