Windows 8, Midori, .Next – Codenames Or More?

Contrary to the popular belief, Windows 8 or Windows Midori is not the next name of the Windows 8 operating system, in fact, Windows Midori is a ‘code name’ used at Microsoft HQ to discuss a managed code operating system extension. In this guide, we will look at Midori in more detail.

windows 8 midori

What is Midori?

If nothing else, Midori could be one of the most exciting operating system updates that we have seen since the development of computing. Microsoft’s research has been building a Singularity operating system since back in 2003 called Midori. This project was brought about to build a highly reliable OS, which could potentially replace Windows as we know it. The difference between this and what we are using at this point is that all the new applications will be ‘written’ in managed code. The development also focuses on an impenetrable security system for OS’s. The program will have a reliance on metadata, but the main ‘goal’ of the system will be to focus on applications.

How do we know about it?

Well, unfortunately, apart from the name and the fact it has been in development since 2003, nothing about Midori is official. However, various ‘leaked slides’ show server migration paths from Windows to Midori (Windows.Next). This has told people information about how Microsoft plans to change from the Windows system to Windows.Next.

Windows Midori – The Future?

Without a doubt, this project is 100% serious. All you have to do is look at the team working on this project. Eric Rudder (Bill Gates potential successor) and Craig Mundle head chief research and strategy officer are heading up the team. The rest of the team is some of the finest employees whom Microsoft has to offer. The rumours suggest that nobody new has been taken on for this project, and instead, Microsoft have taken a lot of people with important titles out of their previous roles to work on this project.

Midori and Windows 8

The reason why we are hearing more and more about Midori is because there is plenty of speculation surrounding the release date. Many believe that Midori could start to show itself in Windows 8; in fact, some believe Windows 8 will not be the final name, it is currently dubbed as “Windows.Next”.

Others believe Midori will not be ready by the time Microsoft wants to release Windows 8. Therefore, we will probably see some minor developments (to test the water), then full implementation when Windows 9 is due for release.

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