Windows 8 Metro Apps Get Updated Ahead Of Release Preview Launch

The Verge reports fresh updates are on their way for several Windows 8 Metro apps as developers at Microsoft get ready for the release preview.
Windows 8 apps being upgraded and updated ahead of release preview launch

Microsoft Revamping Core Metro Applications Ahead Of Windows 8 Release Preview Launch

Microsoft is working to release newer, better and more updated versions of its core Metro Applications for Windows 8 ahead of the Release Preview launch. This is a confirmed news from tech news source The Verge because the upgraded apps have already started showing up on the internal builds of Windows 8. These are builds that the consumers don’t have any access to and are only available to the engineers inside Microsoft who are building the project.

These updates not only add new features but they also upgrade the interface and remove the “app preview” label that is very clearly stuck on every core app from Microsoft. Part of this whole upgrade procedure are commonly used apps like Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People, the messaging app, photos app, music app and more. The Microsoft Reader is also apparently getting quite a lot of updates.
Some of these apps really are in very early stages of development. Like adding accounts to the messaging app after you have dismissed the initial prompt might not happen. Sometimes the accounts side bar just turns up blank. The music app focuses more on Microsoft Marketplace music than your own music stored on the PC. Additionally, the Calendar app has a key feature missing from it — it does not have a function for searching and finding your appointments.

Windows 8 early testers and adopters have been quite concerned with Microsoft for this. The company knows that it is important to have core applications working properly to attain the critical mass of users fast. That is why they are putting in a lot of effort in the latest build of Windows 8 and making sure that it ships with everything nice onboard.

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