Windows 8 Matrix Theme (Sci-Fi Themes)

Matrix was a ground-breaking Sci-Fi movie paving the way for an entire new genre of Sci-Fi movies. If you want the original, download this Windows 8 Matrix theme.

Matrix Windows 8 Theme

If Matrix will ever get a sequel is doubtful. It was a trilogy. However, I’m quite a big fan and think that there’s so much material that would be AWESOME for a new 4th Matrix movie. Yes, the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies weren’t what I would call top movies, but that’s also due to the fact that The Matrix basically introduced us to a new world and a new thinking, which was very exciting back then.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this Matrix theme for Windows 8. Tip: You need Windows 8 developer preview

Here’s the setup I was running for a while back in 2010. Still looks awesome:
Matrix Screensaver

Also part of this Windows 8 theme are various desktop icons:
Matrix Desktop Icons

And a EMP start Orb. Great fit for the Matrix wallpaper:
Matrix Windows 8 Start Orb

Download Matrix Theme

If you’re into animated Windows 8 wallpapers, you will definitely love this animated wallpaper. We will prepare a tutorial for you how to install animated wallpapers on Windows 8 shortly:
Animated Matrix Wallpaper

Download Matrix Theme for Windows 8

Works properly on Windows 8 developer preview. Updates might be required for higher versions. Check back for updates

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