Windows 8 Mass Effect 3 Theme

Written by: Oliver Krautscheid - Published: Monday, December 12th, 2011 - Comments

Do you want to customize your Windows 8 PC before Christmas? Download this Windows 8 Mass Effect 3 theme!

Mass Effect 3 Theme

Mass Effect 3 will come soon. 2012 really looks like it’s going to begin with a few blockbuster games. All fans can already download this Mass Effect 2 and 3 Theme for Windows 8 that will turn your PC into the ultimate ME PC!

You definitely need some Windows 8 cursors if you want to customize your PC that is running Windows 8 Dev, Beta or RC. here’s a red cursors set that will be installed when you apply the Windows 8 theme:

Free Windows 8 Cursors

But also various Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 backgrounds:
Mass Effect Background Images for PC

If you like to change the icons in Windows 8 (we do!) then you might like this set:
Mass Effect Computer Icons: Network Recycle Bin

Grab this free theme for Windows 8 and share it with your friends on Facebook:

Download Windows 8 Mass Effect 3 Theme


Best of all, the theme also comes with a fresh new sound theme with ME sounds from Shepard and Co. Windows 8 will apply the sounds automatically, no further work involved. The only extra work is installing the Start orb, because that is a little difficult for beginners. We will add new Windows 8 tutorials shortly that will explain how to fully install the themes.

A new Mass Effect 3 theme will be up soon, we are going to add more backgrounds and goodies to the themepack file

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4 Responses

  1. nigel said:

    mass effect 2 will always be one of my favorite games! tyvm for this..

    soo.. when is mass effect 3 coming out?

  2. Groove said:

    ME3 in 2012

  3. sOliver said:

    I’m currently playing a bit of Mass Effect 2, it’s not bad even if it’s not my favorite genre. If you are looking forward to Mass Effect 3, you should check out this blog:, it features the latest Mass Effect 3 news, rumors, screens, etc.

    If you want a Mass Effect 3 theme for Windows 7 this one has been added: Mass Effect 3 Theme

  4. HAPPY said:

    hey soliver whats the music u used for the Start Windows: “I will show you true power”

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