Windows 8 Makes Qualcomm Step Up Graphics On Flagship Chip

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Next time you use a Snapdragon chip powered device, you might notice how good the graphics has become because Qualcomm is now working on getting better graphics in to it.

Qualcomm Bringing Better Graphics To SnapDragon

Qualcomm has decided to include an Imagination GPU on the SnapDragon SoC after seeing the processing demands of the upcoming Windows 8. Since Microsoft wants to run Windows 8 on every device conceivable – ranging from desktop and laptops to tablets and smartphones. And the last categories are the ones that would be powered by SnapDragon.

Windows 8 is the first OS in the Windows series to run on something other than x86. However the builds for both are different and only the x86 version will available to the public. ARM version will be distributed directly to the manufacturer.

This reason was attributed to Qualcomm’s decision by industry news source SmiAccurate, who says that Qualcomm had to step it up in order to be able to run Windows 8 smoothly. They had the option to develop a solution by themselves or licensing one. With Windows 8 breathing down their necks, it was n obvious decision.

The end result for this is that people who are very impressed with the A5x chip inside the iPad will be similarly impressed by Windows 8 devices running SnapDragon’s next generation SoC (System on a Chip).

Windows 8 is expected to be one of the most important events to happen in the mobile industry this year. It is expected to create serious mass interest in tablets that goes beyond iPads, which is the market leader and dominant product. The only other tablet to sell well is the Kindle Fire but the gap in numbers is huge.

Windows 8 is scheduled to launch end of this year but there has been no official word on it. Rumors going around on the internet suggest that there will be a Release Candidate launch during this summer.

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