Windows 8 Mac Theme

If you are looking for a cool Windows 8 Mac theme, you are exactly right here! We have the best Mac themes for Windows 8!
Windows 8 Mac Theme

The new Windows 8 Metro UI looks pretty awesome, but if you want to make Windows 8 look like a Mac or make a Mac look like Windows 8, you will need some good Windows 8 themes. We are trying our best to deliver only the top themes to you.


Mac Caption Buttons and Shell Style for Windows 8:

The Mac theme for Windows 8 will modify your entire shell. First of all it will modify your caption buttons

Windows 8 Caption Buttons Redesigned

Mac Taskbar and Mac Dock Theme for Windows 8:

Of course it will also change the taskbar and a dock toolbar is also included. We also modified the winver design to read “Mac OS X”

Mac Shell Theme for Windows 8


We are currently preparing this Windows 8 Mac theme and will make it available for download as soon as you can buy Windows 8 in stores. We are currently expecting that Windows 8 will ship in mid 2012, so make sure to bookmark our site and come back later when the theme will be up.

A small addition, we will provide all Windows 8 themes free of charge, no surveys whatsoever will be required in order to download the Mac theme. Because it takes a lot of work to create these themes, we will only ask for a small optional donation.

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