Windows 8 M2-M3 Timeline / Pre-Beta Testing Soon?

In this guide we will explore the Windows 8 timeline. When was M2 finished, when did Microsoft start developing M3. When can we expect Windows 8 pre-beta testing? And of course when will Windows 8 be released?

windows 8 m2 timeline

The leak that is doing the rounds at the moment surrounds M2-M3 stage which was allegedly completed on 28/02/2011.

We can take a lot from this leaked document:

  • M2 started on the 27/9/2010
  • Coding took a total of 39 days
  • Integration started on the 8/11/2010 lasting 19 days.
  • Bug fixing then took place taking up from the 6/12/2010 to 28/01/2011
  • M2 stage went into lockdown from the 31/01/11 to the 18/2/2011
  • Development for M3 started on the 28th February 2011

Windows 8 Evaluation

As there is no official news, we have to take our evidence from Windows 7. Windows 7 M2 and M3 took roughly the same amount of time to finish; therefore, this is what we will believe until we hear anything otherwise.
If this document can be trusted, development lasted from 27/09/10 to 28/02/11 (five months and one day), with 15 days break for Christmas and Thanksgiving. If development started on the 1st March then we should expect a minimum wait time of four months with a maximum of five months until M3 will be finished. This means we could expect the pre beta as soon as July with the ‘real’ version released in October.

Windows 8 M3 and Beyond Timeline

Following on from Windows 7 and the leaked slide as shown above, a rough Windows M3 guideline may look something like this:

  • 01/03/2011 – 08/04/2011 – M3 Coding
  • 11/04/2011 – 30/04/2011 – Integration
  • 02/05/2011 – 02/06/2011 – Bug Fixing
  • 06/06/2011 – 27/06/2011 – Lockdown

Pre Beta testing to start in early July.

It is then expected that beta testing would take another 9 months which would lead us to the expected release date of June 2012.
If we delve into this M2 timeline then we can speculate lots about potential development times. Unfortunately, we do not know what Microsoft has planned for its M3 stage, and it could be that development may take a while longer than we expect. The next time we will be able to get excited is when we hear the news about the Beta, which, if we believe the guideline above will be sometime in June before the July release date.

We’ll try to keep you posted with the latest Windows 8 news and further speculation on possible Windows 8 milestones and release dates.

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