Windows 8 M1 7850 Screenshots

Here are the latest leaked screenshots of a very early Windows 8 build M1 (Milestone 1, Build 7850). The screenshots all have some comments so you know what you are looking at.

Windows 8 M1 7850 Screenshots

The following is a quick overview of all screenshots of build 7850 with a few comments here and there.

Bing in Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 8 M1:

Windows 8 And Bing

Windows 8 M1 Feature List:
Windows 8 Enterprise

The language profile in Windows 8. Add new fonts:
Windows 8 Fonts
Windows 8 Fonts

Looks like this system is not genuine …
Windows 8 Genuine Check

The Windows 8 help and support center
Windows 8 Help And Support

If you have a Windows 8 installation disk .. insert it!
Windows 8 Installation Disk

The language explorer in Windows 8 that allows you to add new languages to the OSWindows 8 Language Explorer

Modify your look! The new “Your Look” center allows you to change the look that is displayed on the right corner of the taskbar as well.
Windows 8 Look

Disk Cleanup still necessary in Windows 8? Probably 😉
Windows 8 Disk Cleanup

Let’s clean up some temporary files:
Windows 8 Disk Cleanup Temp Files

The driver software installation
Windows 8 Driver Software Installation

The rumored “mount ISO” feature
Windows 8 Mount ISO

The network connections:
Windows 8 Network Connections

The libraries in Windows 8 build 7850:
Windows 8 Libraries
Windows 8 Libraries

The new “user account” on taskbar feature where you can quickly change your settings, your looks, switch the user or log off.
Windows 8 My Look

The security and compatibility settings of IE9:
Windows 8 Security and Compatibility

The simple start menu in Windows 8 M1 (same as Windows 7)
Windows 8 Start Menu

The “system” control panel with the system information:
Windows 8 Control Panel

Windows 8 M1 winver is Windows 7 Enterprise with a red disclaimer
Windows 8 WinVer

Family Safety and user accounts:
Windows 8 User Accounts

Last but not least the explorer in M1 that will most likely look different in M3, more like this explorer with Ribbon UI
Windows 8 Explorer PC

I hope you like this quick guide. Thanks goes out to windows8test on photobucket for providing the screenshots! Stay tuned for more Windows 8 screenshots!

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