Windows 8 Lumia Phones To Be Drastically Better Than Current Models

Windows 8 for Windows Phone (Apollo) is definitely going to be better but new rumors claim that Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 will be better than the current version by a wide margin.
nokiua lumia 800 black

Lumia Phones To Become Amazing With Windows Phone 8

According to a long winded chain of rumormongering, it has been uncovered that Nokia has been working on Windows Phone 8 devices and they are apparently many times better than the current Lumia phones.

According to the statement from a Nokia engineer quoted in the original post by Phone Arena, the next batch of Windows Phone models will be called Nokia Prodigy and they will are “Incredible”.

The rumor seems to have originated from the Twitter stream of user Cosimo, who recently posted the following tweet: –

“Today I met a Nokia employee. Nokias Apollo devices will be incredible. But still Microsoft…Meh..Also have some good news for Meltemi.”

Even though he praises the Windows Phone Apollo devices, the twitter stream shows a clear bias towards the N9 and apathy for Microsoft, which is strange for a Nokia employee because he ought to be rather busy with showing the upcoming Windows Phone in a good light, especially since it has not been been launched yet. But on the other hand, it is possible for employees within Nokia to disregard Windows Phone and stick to the older Symbian platform.

Nokia has of course not made any comments on this story and neither have they released any information regarding Apollo phones. And they would not do so till it was just about time to launch them.

The Finnish phone maker is currently busy promoting the Lumia phones all over the world. It is Nokia’s ticket to recapturing a lot of the lost smartphone market and for the world’s largest mobile handset manufacturer, that is quite a shame.

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