Windows 8 + Live Mesh

Microsoft has been working on a new system that allows people to synchronize and share files. The clou? You can access your files from any device anywhere in the world, because Microsoft keeps a copy of your files on their own server.

How’s that possible you may ask. Cloud Computing is the keyword. Microsoft has a giant cloud of computers that can store large amounts of data, possibly more than Google.

Windows Live Mesh was a program with invitation-only basis back in April (I was aware of it, but haven’t been using it) . By now they have doubled the numbers of people who are allowed to use Windows Live Mesh. Basically anyone with a Windows Live ID can use it.

Join Windows Live Mesh

Supposedly, Microsoft is working on this to include this service in Windows 8. It’s a great idea to access your files anywhere and on any device, be it a MAC or a mobile phone. Of course security concerns are a major factor of success, but I’m sure Microsoft will find a way to establish Windows Live Mesh as trust-worthy. One great feature of Windows Live Mesh is that you get notified whenever someone changes a file, so no one else can change anything without your knowledge.

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