Windows 8 Kinect Combo: Smart Instant-On

Windows 8 could use the Kinect technology. Some leaked Windows 8 documents (slides) show how the Kinect could be integrated into Windows 8 to achieve an instant-on login.

Windows 8 Kinect Instant On

Kinect was originally created for the XBOX gaming system, but who says that’s the limit? Now, if Microsoft decides to use Kinect in Windows 8, it could be used for all sorts of applications. Controlling the computer without any wires and devices – sounds great!

“My PC knows me” – This could be the new Windows 8 concept. The Kinect device will be attached to your monitor so that the Kinect camera and sensors are on top of it. The Microphone will be able to capture your voice and the camera will track all of your movements. If a user leaves the room, the PC could automatically go into sleep or hibernation mode and save energy.

Windows 8 Auto Shutdown Kinect

On the other hand, if the user will come in the room, the computer will automatically log you in. Some smart Kinect hacks are capable of controlling WoW already, so why not integrate Kinect into Windows 8. It makes so much sense! Kinect will make things so much easier.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Improved security. Only the owner will be able to log in via Kinect and could disable other login ways
  • Less time wasted on logins
  • Control all sorts of applications with your body

Windows 7 – Playing WoW With Kinect

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