Windows 8 Is A Harder Target For Malware, Says Researcher

Microsoft’s latest offering in the Windows line is more secure than before, says Chris Valsek, security analyst at Coverity.

Windows 8 Features better malware protection

Windows 8 Is More Secure Against Malware Than Previous Editions

Chris Valasek is a security research scientist at development testing firm Coverity and he has been testing the security of Windows 8 since much before the preview builds started coming out. And he is of the opinion that the newest version of Windows is a much harder cookie to crack when it comes to malware infections.

There are a lot of low-level features inside Windows 8 that tackle security threats at those levels much more effectively than ever before. Attacks that utilized vulnerabilities in a computer will be much harder to pull of than before. So even if the computer is unprotected, Windows 8 itself has been hardened enough to thwart attacks.

“There are always going to be vulnerabilities but you can make it difficult to leverage vulnerabilities to write exploits,” is how Valasek explains it. “It’d be naive to think there’ll be no new vulns.”

And the app store or the Windows Store that comes with Windows 8 is also an added benefit. Applications have a far more restricted playing field and they are only given access to that which they require, meaning you have complete transparency over what is accessible to which app. Also, the screening from Microsoft also ensures that you can now install apps more confidently. It is not always a fully secure system, as past incidents with Google and Apple have shown (more on Google than Apple) but it is far better than allowing applications to make any changes that they would like without the user having any clue about it. And the app developers are not obliged to make the apps access levels clear.

So put together, these preventive measures will go a long way to preventing malware from infecting the PC in the first plus. Added to the secured boot and the built in anti-virus, this is certainly a more secure operating system than all of the previous ones.

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